George Tzortzis is a fashion, portrait, editorial and lifestyle photographer based in Athens-Greece. He is a graduate from the UCE/Institute of Art and Design and has a BA(Hons) degree in Photography, as well as two MA(Hons) degrees in Visual Communication and Photography. He started his photography career in UK and is currently working in collaboration with various agencies, studios and publications in Greece and abroad. He is also a photography educator, teaching and writing about photography for various institutes, groups and publications. 

George’s vision pursues a clean aesthetic and modern approach.

He has a continuously evolving interest in fashion and is both adaptive and distinct in the way he photographs every photographic project. 

George’s clientele includes a combination of new-emerging designers to leading brands in the fashion and commercial arenas. In addition to his full-time photography career, he loves to travel, scuba diving, teaching and pursuing personal photographic projects.