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George Tzortzis is a photographer based in Athens-Greece

Since I've always had a hard time to describe myself, I will try to keep things simple and informative to the basics, until I come up with a better idea, or hire some short of professional to do that for me...

I am a full time working photographer, based in Athens and I mostly work on fashion, editorial and food projects. Now, I know fashion and food don't really mix up, but as I lately say, they have more things in common than it sounds. I have found a peaceful balance between these two photographic subjects, since I enjoy working both on people and still-lifes. My background is purely photographic, meaning I have studied photography and worked as a photographer both in Greece and in UK for a good total of 20 years. In short detail, I have an MA (Hons) degree in photography (if it matters in any way). I am constantly seeking perfection, but also romance in my craft and I am often very technical about it (so they say). Apart from taking photos, I teach photography, Photoshop and Lightroom to both amateur and professionals, in various groups, workshops and institutions. I am a frequent contributor to "Fotografos magazine", random publications and a photographic equipment tester for many companies.

In case more personal details are of any interest to you, I also enjoy wondering around with a camera in my hands, late night cooking, scuba diving and Kendo.

If you like what you see in these pages, need more info and would like me to work on your project, or even organise personal or group teaching/mentoring on photographic techniques and retouching please send me your info and I will contact you soon.

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mob. : +30 6942 570 222

Photographic inquiries: info@lightworks.gr

Training/teaching inquiries: info@georgetzortzis.com


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